Post-Assessment and Evaluation of Avian Influenza Community Intervention Education Program in Rural Egypt

[2008-2009] UNICEF Egypte requested a post-assessment of the impact of the communication efforts made by UNICEF in co-operation with the MOHP on Avian Influenza as well as an evaluation of the whole Community Intervention Education Programme implemented by UNICEF in co-operation with MOHP in rural Egypt. SPAN Consultants provided a key expert team of communciation and health experts to perform the post assessment and evaluation.

The assignment aims to obtain reliable and objective information on the impact of Avian Influenza Community Outreach Program on the target communities, in order to use the results as guideline for future planning and design of similar communication interventions. The lesson learned from the evaluation will be applied for further improvement of activities related to raising public awareness on Avian Influenza among the target audiences exposed to the risk of infection.

The aims of the UNICEF-supported Avian Influenza Community Education Program are:

1) enhancing knowledge about the risks the infection entails for humans and their surroundings as well as preventive measures to prevent exposure to infection as much as possible;

2) influencing the attitude/perception of the target audiences (public) towards the threats caused by the risk of infection; and

3) acquiring and conducting practice/behaviour which contributes to a maximum limitation of infection risk for the target groups and their surroundings.